Ferry Tale Ending

The Story of the San Pedro Municipal Ferry Service, 1941-1963

The San Pedro Chamber of Commerce had been advocating for a municipal ferry service since 1909. Per the annexation pledge between San Pedro and Los Angeles a municipal ferry between San Pedro and Terminal Island was to be established and operated for a nominal fare. However, due to a dispute between the City of Los Angeles and the Harbor Department about who was responsible for fulfilling the promise nothing was done for decades.  It was not until 1941 that there was a celebration for the inauguration of the service. The Los Angeles Maritime Museum is housed in one of the original ferry terminals. The sister terminal was across the Main Channel at Berth 234. August 8, 1941 the City of Los Angeles celebrated Ferry Day, in honor of the inauguration for the ISLANDER. Learn about the history of the ISLANDER, which ferried riders across the channel between San Pedro and Terminal Island from 1941 to 1963. See artifacts from the ferry, historic photos, and a custom-built model of the ISLANDER.