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This ever-expanding resource is the digital home to thousands of historic photographs. Images can be ordered and user feedback can be sent through the site.


Images are available for personal use free of charge. For reproduction in print and/or electronic formats contact the museum. Please include the following credit line: Los Angeles Maritime Museum. Be aware that third parties may claim privacy or publicity rights for these images, or rights to artworks depicted that are not in the public domain. The Los Angeles Maritime Museum assumes no liability for your use of these images. By downloading these images you agree that it is your responsibility to identify any potential claimants and obtain any necessary permissions for your use, and you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold the Los Angeles Maritime Museum harmless from all costs, charges, fees, or expenses, losses, damages, liabilities, or judgments arising from or relating to any claim, cause or allegation asserted by a third party against the Los Angeles Maritime Museum based entirely or in part on your use of these images.