Lego Shipbuilding Contest

The 2021 (Virtual) Lego Shipbuilding Contest

(Where the contest is virtual, but the prizes are real!)

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Lego Shipbuilding Contest. This year there were two categories: Build with Legos at Home OR No Bricks? No Problem – Build with whatever materials you have at home.

Category: Legos, Age 3-5

1st Place: The Cotton Candy Chocolate Ship – Yvette J.

2nd Place: Scary Jedi Ship – Liam P.

3rd Place: Gavin Explorer – Gavin C.

Honorable Mention: Treasure Hunter Ship – Kyle K.

Honorable Mention: The Safe Ship – Crosby S.

Category: Legos, Age 6-8

1st Place: The Rainbow – Sophia R.

2nd Place: Lego World Warship I – Jason L.

3rd Place: Mo Jo Dojo Ship – Olivia P.

Honorable Mention: Titanic 2.0 – Micah L.

Honorable Mention: USS Victory – Andrew B.

Honorable Mention: Dinoship – Yuito S.

Honorable Mention: Fretso – Aishwerini J. 

Category: Legos, Age 9-13

1st Place: USS Ethan – Ethan G.

2nd Place: The Defender 7-10 – Toby and Roosevelt B. 

3rd Place: Bumble Bee Cruise – Landon N.

Director’s Choice: The Lego Islander Ferry – Daniel H.

Honorable Mention: Tropical Wave – Leah S.

Honorable Mention: The Blue Speedy – George R.

Category: Legos, Age 14+

1st Place: Battleship! – Patrick G.

Category: No Bricks, Age 3-5

1st Place: The New York Ship – Gabriel A.

2nd Place: Colorboat – Zelda B.

Category: No Bricks, Age 6-8

1st Place: Artship – Polly J.

Category: No Bricks, Age 9-13

1st Place:  SS Bubbles – Elijah B.

2nd Place: USS Yorktown – Maverick A.

3rd Place: Watermelon Sugar Boat – Madison V. 

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