467 Ships of California Shipbuilding Corporation, Part 1.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library
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Prints, photographic
S.S. PAUL DUNBAR underway at launching.
Image shows S.S. PAUL DUNBAR underway at launching date. The ship was named for African—American poet, Paul Dunbar (1876—1906). The tanker was a Liberty ship modified to carry fuel rather than troops.
Explanation of Details:
After the ship was returned to the U.S. Government from the Lend—Lease Program in 1947, it became part of the James River Reserve Fleet (Virginia). Later it was converted to a dry cargo ship and sold and re—sold to foreign governments until 1969, when the ship was scrapped in Hirao, Japan. —— from "The Liberty Ships" by Walter W. Jaffee, 2004.
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