Torrance R. Parker's Career in Deep Diving
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Collection
Object Type:
Prints, photographic
Torrance Parker's tender on abalone dive boat.

Explanation of Details:
A tender carefully monitors signals sent to the surface by the deep—sea diver while he or she is submerged. The tender's responsibility is to protect the diver for the duration of a dive, a period that could last a few minutes or a few hours.
Collection Information:
More about deep-sea diving, and information about photographs and documents in Torrance Parker's Collection can be viewed on this website.
Collection Description:
Torrance R. Parker Collection on Commercial and Deep—Sea Diving.

Description of Photograph:
Felix Carreon tends the diver. The annotation on the print reads, "Felix tending me——sometime in the '50s. Abalone dive boat, VIKING."
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