Torrance R. Parker's Career in Deep Diving
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Collection
Object Type:
Prints, photographic
Parker's first diving boat, CYNDY R, 1947.
Explanation of Details:
Annotation in ink written at the top of the print reads, "33' LCPR (patrol boat) converted for underwater photography and special recovery work (Navy sonar submarine). The boat was originally built as a military patrol boat.
Collection Information:
More about deep-sea diving, and information about photographs and documents in Torrance Parker's Collection can be viewed on this website.
Collection Description:
Torrance R. Parker Collection on Commercial and Deep—Sea Diving.

Description of Photograph:
Parker's first diving boat, CYNDY R, is tied to a dolphin (the triangular—shaped stanchion at the boat's bow that is used to moor a boat) in Los Angeles Harbor.
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