Cedric Wilford Windas Collection
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Cedric Wilford Windas Collection
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Collection Inventory
Cedric Wilford Windas Collection
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The TRADITION was built by Windas as a teaching model to introduce children and adults to the basics of sailing, rigging, and knot—tying. Windas imagined the historical model would include scale figures such as sailors and a captain which he also created to scale.
This is an 1/8th scale model of a brigantine or 2—masted, square—sail—rigged wooden ship of the early 20th century, hand—built by Cedric Windas about 1954. It is 12'—6" long, modelled from memory after an old Australian trading vessel Windas had known in his youth. If it were full—size, it would be about 115 feet long.
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Cedric Wilford Windas Collection
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Los Angeles Maritime Museum, ramp
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