Postcards from the Collection of Jack Whitmeyer
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library
Object Type:
Princess Marguerite. Postcard from Jack Whitmeyer Collection.
Collection Description:
"Princess Marguerite" passing under the Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, B. C. — From postcard.
Description of Photograph:
This view of the Princess Marguerite is an artistic rendering in graphite or pencil, displaying the vessel as a luxury—liner ferry with service for passengers between Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle. Operated by the Canadian Steamship Company, Princess marguerite, also known as Maggie, affectionately, was owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Background Information:
Ferry boats carried people across bodies of water, usually between coastal cities and islands. There are several types of ferries, including Hydrofoil, pontoon, and cable ferries. This ferry was built as a mini-luxury liner and it traveled the Straits of Georgia, Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound.
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