Postcards from the Collection of Jack Whitmeyer
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library
Object Type:
Fish Harbor. Postcard from Jack Whitmeyer Collection.
Collection Description:
Fish Harbor, Terminal Island, San Pedro, California — From postcard.
Description of Photograph:
Terminal Island was also home to a large Japanese—American population who are an important part of the island's fishing history. In 1942, these Japanese—American residents were uprooted and sent to internment camps. Their village in Terminal Island was destroyed.
Background Information:
Terminal Island was the site of San Pedro's booming fishing industry in the early 1900s. Many canning factories operated on Terminal Island, including Starkist, Chicken of the Sea, and Pan-Pacific. As a result of overfishing and canneries moving oversees, the fishing industry on Terminal Island collapsed with the last cannery closing in 2001.
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