Postcards from the Collection of Jack Whitmeyer
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library
Object Type:
San Francisco Ferries. Postcard from Jack Whitmeyer Collection.
Collection Description:
The Stocton was an "Auto—ferry" that operated in San Francisco Bay until 1940. Auto ferries were designed to carry cars, as well as passengers. The auto deck had steel walls with rectangular windows. The passenger deck had a passenger cabin and steel railings.
Description of Photograph:
The ferry was overhauled and rebuilt in the early 1950s with updated features inside the passenger cabin lounge and new porthole windows.
Background Information:
Ferry boats carried people across bodies of water, usually between coastal cities and islands. There are several types of ferries, including Hydrofoil, pontoon, and cable ferries. This is a Steel Electric class ferry built in 1927 in San Francisco.
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