Dwight Long's Circumnavigation, 1934—1940.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Collection
Object Type:
Prints, photographic
IDLE HOUR — docked in Puget Sound.
Collection Description:
Dwight Long Collection.
Description of Photograph:
Photographic print depicts Dwight Long's Return to Seattle after 6 years' voyage around the world. People gathered at the dock to greet the IDLE HOUR in 1940.
Explanation of Details:
In a scrapbook page his outline for making money for the voyage included: "How to Help Pay for a Round the World Cruise": 1) Ten Cent Admission Charge to the public to look over the IDLE HOUR and its curios." Finally in 1938, he published a book, "Sailing All Seas in the IDLE HOUR", before crossing the Atlantic for home territory.
Background Information:
Dwight had written columns for newspapers, given lectures, and displayed pictures taken on his tours. Researchers can view Dwight Long Collection photographs and scrapbooks by making an appointment with the Library. To make an appointment, fill out the request form on our website.

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