Dwight Long's Circumnavigation, 1934—1940.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Collection
Object Type:
Prints, photographic
Dwight Long, Jack Lowry, IDLE HOUR in Puget Sound, awaiting towage to the Pacific Ocean.
Collection Description:
Dwight Long Collection.
Description of Photograph:
Dwight and Jack Lowry on the main deck of 32' ketch IDLE HOUR, while in Puget Sound.
Explanation of Details:
Dwight writes about leaving his home town: "At twelve sharp, the deep sea tug, Andrew Foss, with her twin 1500 h.p. engines took us in tow. It seemed that Mr. Foss, not having any other craft available, had sent this enormous tug so as not to disappoint us."—From Sailing All Seas in the IDLE HOUR, p. 7.
Background Information:
Dwight continues with more details: "Slowly the gigantic sea-going tug drew us away from our berth and we got underway." The tug and IDLE HOUR passed through the Government Locks and into Puget Sound. And then "we were left at the outer Seattle Yacht Club anchorage for the night. Shortly before noon the following day, another Foss tug appeared-a smaller one this time-and we set off in earnest on our one hundred and twenty mile tow to the open ocean." From Sailing All Seas in the IDLE HOUR, p. 7.
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