Dwight Long's Circumnavigation, 1934—1940.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Collection
Object Type:
Prints, photographic
Dwight cooks in the cabin of ketch IDLE HOUR.
Collection Description:
Dwight Long Collection.
Description of Photograph:
Photograph print depicts Dwight in white shirt, cap and pants, preparing a meal at his galley kitchen with alcohol burner.
Explanation of Details:
Dwight eventually re—arranged the cookstove in the galley to swing during storms when ship stability was threatened. Later, he writes, "We found some dry wood but the axe is missing. After an extensive search with no success I used the butcher's knife, as we are so hungry we can't waste any more time looking for the axe. After eating a hot meal, I was interrupted while doing the dishes when I heard the spinnaker book tumble to the deck."
Background Information:
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