Dwight Long's Circumnavigation, 1934—1940.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Collection
Object Type:
Prints, photographic
Dwight in the cabin of ketch IDLE HOUR with Hugo and Jack Lowry.
Collection Description:
Dwight Long Collection.
Description of Photograph:
Photographic print shows Dwight, Jack and Hugo in the cabin of the IDLE HOUR.
Explanation of Details:
While in his freshman year at the University of Washington, Dwight bought the 32' ketch, IDLE HOUR, and made plans for a circumnavigation. The craft was in need of repair, however he found that he "had found a companion who was able and willing to lend a hand with the many repairs aboard. Also, my new friend had taken spherical geometry at the University, so he mugged up navigation in his spare time... Jack was my chief cook and navigator"—From Sailing All Seas in the IDLE HOUR, p. 7.
Background Information:
"Hugo, our mascot, was confined to the decks of our little ship. He got adequate exercise and was always in the best of health. I gave him a varied diet, including a cupful of our precious water daily... When we started the fire to begin our evening meal, Hugo would watch every move of the cook form the skylight immediately over the galley, awaiting in high expectation his daily rations."-From "Seven Seas on A Shoestring", p. 33
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