Dwight Long's Circumnavigation, 1934—1940.
Los Angeles Maritime Museum Collection
Object Type:
Prints, photographic
Timi and Dwight ride an elephant in Auckland, New Zealand.
Collection Description:
Dwight Long Collection.
Description of Photograph:
Photographic print and accompanying text sent to San Francisco Chronicle by photographer Ivan Palmer.
Explanation of Details:
Timi was Dwight Long's shipmate on the IDLE HOUR for the ketch's South Pacific tour. They sailed together from Tahiti to Ceylon, by way of the Cook Islands, Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.
Background Information:
In Chapter 12, "Auckland", Dwight recounts, "Timi was seeing civilization for the first time. I quote the New Zealand Press: Bewilderment gave way to awe when Timi reached Queen Street and saw simultaneously his first electric tramcar and his first horse."-From Sailing All Seas in the IDLE HOUR, p. 162.
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