Museum to Close for two years for renovations during waterfront construction

The ongoing construction along the L.A. Waterfront requires the Museum to be closed for approximately two years while a new “Town Square” is built directly in front of the Museum’s entrance. Beginning in July, the Museum will be closed to the public for two years. Click here for the Daily Breeze article

The  book signing on March 23 and the Lego Shipbuilding Contest April 6 will take place at the Museum as scheduled.  
But here’s the good news: we will be bringing the Museum to YOU! You can expect to see satellite exhibits around the community, while our programs will be held at alternate sites during the closure. Our website is undergoing a refresh as well, and the collections will be accessed on line.
It’s also a great time to subscribe to our YOU TUBE channel, where we will be posting behind the scenes videos.

During the closure, staff and volunteers will continue to report to the Museum building in order to refurbish the exhibits and care for the tugboat. There will also be some long-awaited infrastructure improvements to the 78-year old museum building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.
The staff and volunteers thank you for your support, and look forward to staying in touch during the project! At its completion, we will all enjoy a renovated Museum, new exhibits, and a real parking lot!