When the Wobblies Came to Pedro

Poster: the key to better Job Conditions

“Wobblies” is the nickname for the Industrial Workers of the World, a labor organization formed in 1905. Wobblies believed that a successful labor movement required universal working class solidarity, regardless of skill or trade, and that the workers should have control of all methods of production. These radial views were met with suspicion, threats, and often death for members of the IWW.

The Wobblies helped to organize waterfront strikes (among others) in San Pedro in 1923 and 1934. Their actions were often violent, and over 100 of their members were sent to prison. The Wobbly legacy would endure, however, and their philosophy of solidarity materialized in the gains of the successful waterfront strike of 1934.

This exhibit was the inspiration of Harbor Historian Arthur A. Almeida, and his collection formed the basis of this presentation.

The Museum thanks the Southern California Pensioners Group – ILWU Longshore Division for its financial support.