Boating through the Lens: Geri Conser’s Photography

Geri Conser of Costa Mesa, California is a photographer equally at home on land, at sea or in the air. She is known as the “First Lady of the Air” for her ability to fly either her helicopter or airplane and take aerial photographs at the same time.

Despite her world travels photographing boats and races, Geri continues to find worthy subjects close to home. Whether it is a shot of youth dinghy races staged throughout Southern California, the Transpac races leaving from San Pedro, or motor boat races in Long Beach, Geri Conser is there with her camera.

Geri on choosing her subjects:

“I have a very dry sense of humor that is a little on the sharp side sometimes. I’ll see something that really strikes my fancy…I kind of like the little jokes and things that I see going on.”

The exhibit was on view through September 17, 2006