Current Exhibits

Image of crew member in the photo lab.

In the photo lab before there were apps. Photography by Bill Haggett, circa 1945.

Before There Were Apps takes us back to a time when ships and sailors roamed the earth without cell phones or a GPS! Discover vintage technology in this new exhibit which runs from April through July, 2016.

More Current exhibits in the Museum include: What’s Going on in the Harbor Today? An interactive exhibit created by and for kids! 

Caught, Canned and Eaten - History of LA Harbor Fishing and Canning Industries

20,000 Jobs Under the Sea - A Century of Commercial “Hardhat” Diving

Neptune’s Favorites – Art created by sailors while at sea

USS Los Angeles - The Story of the US Navy Heavy Cruiser USS Los Angeles CA-135

Learn about the Navy Hall renovations here (opening summer, 2016)