Visiting the Library

The Library’s Open Hours and Appointments are suspended from September 24th through Friday, October 9th and will resume the week of October 12, 2015.

To make an appointment: please fill out this form to email your request to the Library.


Scan of cover art from “American Explorations in the Ice Zones” by J.E. Nourse, 1884


The Library serves the staff of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, the San Pedro Community, Museum members, maritime history scholars and members of the public who share an interest in maritime history.

We offer access to our Library and Special Collections by appointment and can locate materials for you prior to your visit. An appointment will reserve our Reading Room for your research.

An appointment will assure you adequate space in which to view materials, take notes, etc. It will also assure you that materials you request will be reserved for you prior to your visit. The Library offers Special Open Hours when no appointment is necessary for viewing the catalog, books and pamphlets on Wednesday afternoons unless otherwise posted. Please call the Library at 310-548-7618, extension 215.

Library appointments are made by sending a request to the Library.

Please call the Library at 310-548-7618 ext. 215 with your research questions before your visit. Many questions can be facilitated with online resources or by requesting specific information by phone or email.