Library Collections, Books, and Archives

Materials include Books, Special Publications, and Archives and Manuscripts

Our Library, founded in 1980, offers over 8000 items for research and learning about maritime history and technology in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Our collection is partially represented online at On this web site which features our catalog you can search through our autobiographies, biographies, travel accounts, adventures, explorations and battles with the author name or title or subject term.

Books: Accounts, Histories, Specifications, Technical manuals and Handbooks
Mariners, port pilots, sailors, ship modelers, authors and avid collectors of history and technology were the book collectors who contributed to this library. Their interests ranged from biographical accounts of the lives of maritime explorers to historical accounts of navies and shipbuilding firms. See Richard Henry Dana’s Two Years Before the Mast, David McCulloch’s The Path Between the Seas, and others: The California Islands by Charles Hillinger, or The Rancho San Pedro by Robert Cameron Gillingham.

Special Publications: Nautical Charts, Annual Reports, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Historical News Clippings.
Nautical charts of the Los Angeles Harbor and San Pedro Bay; special topics, written by experts in maritime history form our collection of pamphlets, which are both nationally and locally published include articles on fishing, ships and shipping, steam and other types of propulsion, the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard and others are available for your review. Journals in our catalog on sailing and yachting, include newsletters from shipbuilders on Terminal Island.

Archives and Manuscripts Collections:
Blueprint copies of naval architectural drawings, and manuscript material from maritime historians and authors, harbor area divers, military personnel, shipbuilders, photographers, and yachtsmen are included.