What’s Going on in the Harbor Today?

20140925_094713 maritime museum SR demo 30 maritime museum SR demo 53Kids of all ages will discover what’s going on in the harbor today through a series of interactive games and activities in the children’s exhibit.  Grab a pair of binoculars and take a close-up look at the nation’s busiest container port! Learn how cranes work, imagine yourself in a variety of harbor professions, build your own wharves, test your knowledge of ships and cargo, or just settle down and enjoy a nautical story!

The exhibit features a photo mosaic by photographer Martin Cox, who spent a day on the Museum’s roof documenting the harbor traffic.  He then juxtaposed elements of the photograph into a single mural that has become the exhibit’s visual centerpiece. You can read an interview with Martin, learn exactly how this mural was created, and see more progress photos here.

The 13-foot long photo mosaic, "What's Going on in the Harbor Today?" by Martin Cox

The 13-foot long photo mosaic: “What’s Going on in the Harbor Today?” by Martin Cox


The exhibit was made possible by the generosity of the following:  Friends of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, Port of Los Angeles Community Benefit Grants, City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks, The Lee (Sher) and Joseph M. Mardesich, III Children’s Education Fund (in memoriam), Stephanie and Deborah Mardesich, Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council, Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, Southern California ILWU Pensioners, Local 13, San Pedro Retired Elks, The Corner Store, San Pedro