William H. Smith, 5-Masted Schooner

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Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library Collection 27

William H. Smith

William H. Smith, from Archives and Manuscripts collections.

The collection describes a working schooner in the Pacific coast trade of the 1920s and 1930s.

Description: This collection captures the period from 1926 to 1932 of the merchant ship the “WILLIAM H. SMITH”, a 5-masted schooner.  The approximately six years covered in the ship’s log gives details of the ship’s involvement in Pacific trade from San Francisco.

Biographical Notes: The “William H. Smith” was built in 1883 in Bath, ME.  In 1900 she was purchased by the California Shipping Co. of  San Francisco.  In 1911 the vessel was converted to a floating cannery by the Weiding & Independent Fisheries Co. of Seattle, WA. In 1917 she became a coal barge for the Pacific Coast Coal Co., and in July 1919 she was sold to Charles Nelson & Co. and re-rigged as a five masted schooner.  Although operated until 1927, many of her later voyages were under tow.  Later she was at Oakland until 1933 when she was sold to become a fishing barge in Monterey, California but went ashore at that port on April 14th, 1933.

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