John D. Swanfeldt Collection

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Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library Collection 5

Portrait of John D. Swanfeldt, circa 1944.

The collection was created by John D. Swanfeldt who was an Intelligence Officer for the United States Navy Department.


Documents include birth certificate, educational records, certificates and awards, professional records, awards and certificates from employment for the United States Navy Department, Washington D.C. both prior to and after World War II. The collection contains several hundred personal letters of Swanfeldt to his family and his brother Roy, written from Washington D.C., Boulder, Colorado and Japan during duty there. A portrait of “Jack” in uniform is one of the few images of him as a young man. Objects and memorabilia such as maps, pamphlets, cards, lapel pins, and Navy form a part of this collection.

Biographical Notes:
John Douglas Swanfeldt was born June 21, 1921 in Los Angeles. He attended Le Conte Jr. High School, Hollywood High School, and the University of Southern California. Upon graduation he was employed by the United States Navy Department, Washington D.C.; later he applied for, trained and graduated in 1944 as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Navy. He was later assigned to Japan via San Francisco and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He served in Fukuoka, Japan as a translator and consort. John D. Swanfeldt retired from the Navy Department in 1972. He died in San Gabriel, California in 1996.

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