Papers of Perry G. Davis

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Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library Collection 50

The collection was created by Perry G. Davis, a sailor in the U.S. Navy. He sailed with the Great White Fleet, travelling to Japan and China early in the 20th century.

Description: Postcards of scenes in Asia and the United States: 25 rural or urban scenes in China, 15 rural or urban scenes in Japan, 2 post card sets with applied color, mounted, of the Great White Fleet Tour of Asia, 1 U.S. scene depicting the winners of race of oarsmen in dory from USS SOUTH DAKOTA, 1 New Zealand water and landscape scene.

Biographical Note: Perry G. Davis (born 1886 in Missouri) was a sailor in the United States Navy on ships of the Great White Fleet during its tour of the Orient. Dates given in his journal and seaman’s papers are between 1908-1911.

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