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Cover of Issue No.2 Historical Diver, Winter 1993

Historical Diver

The Journal of Diving History publishes histories of international diving and divers written by diving enthusiasts and practitioners. The journal began with the Summer Issue, 1993 with the title Historical Diver, a title that remained until 2008 when it became The Journal of Diving History.

Articles in Historical Diver feature biographies, events and milestones in diving history from the 19th century as well as articles on famous divers. Hans Hass is featured in Issue No. 9, Fall 1996, “Hans Hass Pioneer Swim Diving”. His innovations are highlighted subsequent issues and the Summer 2013 issue of The Journal of Diving History ran a feature-length article on his life and work. See the Library’s blog on Hass.


“Sea Hunt: Television’s Epic Underwater Adventure” is the main article in Issue 16, summer 1998 of Historical Diver. “Zale Parry: the First Lady of American Diving” and “Lotte Hass Diving’s International Leading Lady” are two articles highlighting the achievements of women divers.

Cover of The Journal of Diving History, Vol. 16, Issue 2

The Journal of Diving History

Jacques Cousteau is also featured in Historical Diver with a Jacques Yves cousteau Commemorative Issue published in Fall 1997. In Spring 1998, Historical Diver ran the feature “Cousteau and Hass, an Early Timeline”. “100 Years of Jacques Yves Cousteau” is celebrated in the Summer 20120 issue of The Journal of Diving History.

The Library also holds a collection of books on deep diving and diving history. Please see the online catalog for a listing or call the Library more information at 310-548-7618.


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