USS Los Angeles, CA-135

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USS Los Angeles, CA-135

8 x 10 photographic print from the I. Roy Coats Brass Room Collection shows the USS Los Angeles underway, circa 1957.

Los Angeles Maritime Museum Research Library Collection

USS LOS ANGELES CA-135, 1 cu. ft. and Museum artifacts.

The USS Los Angeles, a heavy cruiser, was built at Philadelphia Navy Yard in 1943, and commissioned in 1945 and sailed to the western Pacific to join the 7th Fleet. She returned to San Francisco in 1947 and was de-commissioned in 1948, entering the Pacific Reserve Fleet. The Los Angeles was re-commissioned in 1951, and sailed to join the 7th Fleet in the Korean theater. She returned to Long Beach in 1953 for battle damage repairs. In the next decade she completed 8 more deployments to the Far East. She returned to Long Beach from her final deployment in 1963, was de-commissioned and joined the Pacific Reserve Fleet. The Los Angeles received 5 battle stars for her service during the Korean War.

The collection includes parts from the ship, salvaged when it was scrapped in 1975. These are on display both inside and outside the Museum. The records of the disposition of the ship and its gunnery records are also part of this collection.

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