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Shipbuilding is defined as the construction of ships; its resources are both technical and concerned with the business and location of navies, commerce, and pleasure. Naval architecture is also technical in nature but is concerned mostly with the design and planning of vessels, and it is covered in a separate research guide. The books and journals for research in the topic of shipbuilding are shown by type of book or sub-topic and are only partially represented here. Research in shipping, histories of sailing ships, biographies, encyclopedias and books written for the study of naval architecture and marine engineering will provide a broader view of the literature of shipbuilding.

For more book titles, please call the Library at 310-458-7618, ext. 215.

The H. W. McCurdy marine history of the Pacific Northwest. / edited by E.W. Wright
and Gordon R. Newell, 1966.

Lloyd’s Register of Shipping / Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, 1926 – 2001 (not all years available).

Merchant Vessels of the United States. / United States Bureau of Customs, 1873-1980
(not all years available).

Record of American and Foreign Shipping. / American Bureau of Shipping, 1924;
1945 – 1993 (not all years available). Ships registered by name.

Shipbuilding cyclopedia : a reference book covering definitions of shipbuilding terms,
basic design, planning and estimating, ships rigging and cargo handling gear… and a
composite catalog of marine equipment. / F.B. Webster, editor, 1920.

Handbook of ship calculations, construction and operation; a reference book for
naval architects, marine engineers, ship and engine draftsmen, deck officers, and others
engaged in the building and operating of ships. / by Charles H. Hughes …, 1942.

Modern shipfitter’s handbook. / by W. E. Swanson, 1940.

Shipfitter’s manual. / by Albert F. Crivelli, 1941.

Histories, see Shipbuilding by location, below

American ship review. / Navigator Publishing, LLC.

Marine Engineer & Naval Architect. / Whitehall Technical Press Limited. Library
has volumes 88, 89, 90 and 91 (1965, 1966, 1967, 1968) not all issues available.

The Mariner; the quarterly journal of the Ship model society of Rhode Island—
the Ship Model Society, New York. Library has 1927, 1930 and 1933.

Registers: see Directories, above.

Shipbuilding in the Maritime Research Library

Ancient ships
Ancient ships. / by Cecil Torr, 1964.

War at sea : the ancient fleets. The story of naval warfare under oars, 2600 B.C. –
1597 A.D. / by John Van Duyn Southworth, 1963.

California Shipbuilding Corporation (firm). Liberty ships.
Calship 1941 – 1945.
Calship log, September 27, 1945

Clipper ships
The clipper ship era: an epitome of famous American and British clipper ships, their
owners, builders, commanders, and crews. / By Arthur H. Clark, 1912, c1910.

Continental Navy shipbuilding in the United States
Building early American warships : the journal of the Rhode Island committee
for constructing the Continental frigates Providence & Warren, 1775-1777. /
introduction, illustrations & plans by John Fitzhugh Millar, 1998.

Confederate shipbuilding in the United States
Confederate shipbuilding. / [by] William N. Still, Jr., 1987.

Frigates: see Shipbuilding in Great Britain.
The Blackwall frigates. / by Basil Lubbock, 1950, c1924.

Histories of shipbuilding: see Shipbuilding by location, below

Iron and steel ships
Audels shipfitter’s handy book; a practical treatise on steel ship building and
repairing for loftsmen, welders, riveters, anglesmiths, flange turners and all
ship mechanics; with illustrations showing current practice. / by Ralph
Newstead, 1940.

From slip to sea; a chronological account of the construction of merchant ships
from the laying of the keel plate to the trial trip, with over 154 sketches with
illustrations, by A. C. Hardy… , 1935.

Introduction to steel shipbuilding, by Elijah Baker III …, 1943.

Practical principles of naval architecture. / By S.S. Rabl, 1942.

Practical shell developing for steel shipbuilders; a manual for loftsmen,
shipfitters, hull draftsmen and others who deal with steel ship construction. / by
Adam F. Tulin, 1938.

Shipfitting practice (a manual of instruction for pre-employment and
supplementary training). Prepared by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
Department of public instruction, Division of industrial education, and the Sun
shipbuilding and dry dock company, Chester, Pennsylvania in cooperation with
United States Office of education, Federal security agency, and School district,
city of Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, 1941.

Ship repair and alteration / by George V. Haliday and W. E. Swanson, 1942.

Shipyard welding workmanship, ship construction manual no. 1., 1945.

Unit course of study for the training of shipwrights. Prepared by Vocational
training for war production workers, Bureau of trade and industrial education of
the California state Department of education, 1943.

Landing Ship Tug (LST)
A pictorial history of the Evansville shipyard, January, 1942, to December,
1944 … , / The Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co., 1944.

A suggested unit course, shipyard outside machinist (for beginning and advanced
instruction). / Prepared by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Public
Instruction …, 1942.

Marinship Corporation during World War, 1939-1945
Marinship; the history of a wartime shipyard, told by some of the people who helped
build the ships, 1947.

McKay, Donald, 1810-1880 see Biography

Marine engineering
The naval constructor: a vade mecum of ship design for students, naval architects,
shipbuilders and owners, marine superintendents, engineers and draughtsmen. / by
George Simpson … , 1918.

Merchant ships, structural welding: see Standards

Monitor (Ironclad)
Monitor builders : a historical study of the principal firms and individuals
involved in the construction of USS Monitor / by William N. Still, Jr. ;
prepared for United States Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, Marine and Estuarine Management Division,

Cabrillo’s ships : being three monographs on Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, his
ships, shipbuilding, and ship types on the west coast of Spanish America in
the 16th century. / [by] C.A. Stern, 1992.

Confederate shipbuilding. / [by] William N. Still, Jr., 1987

Deep-water sail. / by 1963, c1952.

Measurement of vessels: regulations relating to admeasurements of vessels,
together with relevant laws of the United States, the Suez Canal regulations,
and the Panama Rules; Part 2 of the Customs Regulations, 1966.

Modern shipbuilding terms defined and illustrated. / by Fred Forrest Pease, 1918.

Modern ships; elements of their design, construction, and operation. / by John
H. La Dage. Original illus. by Frank X. Schuler, 1965, c1953.

The merchant’s & shipmaster’s manual and shipbuilder’s and sailmaker’s
assistant. / by Issac Ridler Butts, 1864.Practical ship production, by A. W. Carmichael,
1941, c1919.

A practical course in wooden boat and ship building; the fundamental
principles and practical methods described in detail, especially written for
carpenters and other woodworkers who desire to engage in boat or ship
building, and as a text-book for schools. / By Richard M. Van Gaasbeek, 1918.
Practical shipbuilding; a treatise on the structural design and building of
modern steel vessels; the work of construction, from the making of the raw
material to the equipped vessel, including subsequent up-keep and repairs. / by
A. Campbell Holms …, 1904.

Ship economics, practical aids for shipmasters in repair, maintenance, surveys
and construction, including a glossary of technical terms. / by H. Owen, 1924,

Ship erection (a manual of instruction for pre-employment and supplementary
training) …, 1942.

Shipbuilding cyclopedia : a reference book covering definitions of shipbuilding
terms, basic design, planning and estimating, ships rigging and cargo handling
gear… and a composite catalog of marine equipment. / by F.B. Webster, editor,

Shipbuilding in iron and steel. / by E. J. Reed, 1865.

The shipbuilders’ blue book … / by Walter Kay Crawford, ed. by E.R. Glass,

The shipbuilders blue book. This is the second and revised edition … by the late
Walter Kay Crawford. Edited by E. R. Glass …, 1940.

The shipwright’s trade. / by Sir Westcott Abell, 1962, c1948

Ships and science : the birth of naval architecture in the scientific revolution,
1600-1800. / Larrie D. Ferreiro, 2007.

Wooden boat and ship building; the fundamental principles and practical
methods described in detail, especially written for carpenters and other
woodworkers who desire to engage in boat or ship building, and as a text-book
for schools. / By Richard M. Van Gaasbeek, 1941.

Shipbuilding by location

Yachts of Southern California 1881-1931. / Craig Shipbuilding Company, 1931.
The history of yachting in Southern California. / Cass and Johansing Insurance
Brokers, 1957.

Sails of the maritimes; the story of the three- and four-masted cargo schooners
of Atlantic Canada, 1859-1929./[by] John P. Parker, 1969, c1960.

British standard ships of World War I. / by W.H. Mitchell and L.A. Sawyer;
drawings by John S. Lindsay, 1966.

Wooden ships and iron men; the story of the square-rigged merchant marine of
British North America, the ships, their builders and owners and the men who
sailed them. By Frederick William Wallace … illustrated by photographs and
drawings, 1924.

“Mystic built” : ships and shipyards of the Mystic River, Connecticut, 1784-
1919. / by William N. Peterson, 1989.

Ships of the Pharaohs; 4000 years of Egyptian shipbuilding. Drawings by the
author. / [by] Bjorn Lanstrom, 1970.

England, Great Britain
Shipbuilders of the Thames and Medway. / by Philip Banbury, 1971.

Venetian ships and shipbuilders of the Renaissance / Frederic Chapin Lane,
1979, c1934.

Rules for the construction and classification of ships. / Nippon Kaiji Kyokai,

Shipbuilding and marine engineering in Japan 1961. / The shipbuilder’s
Association of Japan, 1961.

The maritime history of Maine, three centuries of shipbuilding & seafaring. / by
William Hutchinson Rowe, 1948.

History of shipbuilding on North River, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, with
genealogies of the shipbuilders, and accounts of the industries upon its tributaries,
1640 to 1872. / by L. Vernon Briggs, 1970.

New York
South Street; a maritime history of New York. / by Richard C. McKay, 1959.
Shipbuilding and the nascent community of Greenpoint, New York, 1850-1855.
Offprint from The Northern Mariner Le Marin du Nord. / by Henry Silka, 2007.

Shipbuilding at Cramp & Sons : a history and guide to collections of the
William Cramp & Sons Ship and Engine Building Company (1830-1927) and
the Cramp Shipbuilding Company (1941-46) of Philadelphia. / by Gail E. Farr
and Brett F. Bostwick ; with the assistance of Merville Willis, 1991.

Pacific coast of North America
Western shipbuilders in World War II, a detailed review of wartime activities
of leading maritime and navy contractors. / edited by Marshall Maislin, 1945.

Down to the sea; the romance of the Clyde, its ships and shipbuilders. / by
George Blake, 1937.

Clyde shipbuilding from old photographs. / Introduction and commentaries by
John R. Hume and Michael S. Moss, 1975.

Eriksberg 1853-1953 a century of progress, 1953.

The good ships of Newport News : an informal account of ships, shipping, and
shipbuilding in the Lower Chesapeake Bay region, together with the story of the last
terrible voyage of the Yarmouth Castle. / by Alexander Crosby Brown, 1976.

United States
Industrializing American shipbuilding : the transformation of ship design and
construction, 1820-1920 / William H. Thiesen ; foreword by James C. Bradford
and Gene A. Smith, 2006.

The shipbuilding business in the United States of America; written by a group
of authorities. / edited by F.G. Fassett, 1948.

U.S. shipping and shipbuilding : trends and policy choices. / by Peter G.
Tarpgaard, 1984.

Shipbuilding history in juvenile literature
Oars, sails, and steam; a picture book of ships, written and illustrated by Edwin
Tunis, 1952.

Shipbuilding yearbooks
International shipping and shipbuilding directory incorporating Shipping World
Yearbook and the British Shipbuilding compendium, 1966.

Ship models
The colonial schooner, 1763-1775 / Harold M. Hahn, 1981.
Model ships in ancient Egypt. Schiffsmodelle im alten Aegypten./ by Arvid
Geottlicher, 1971.
Ships, shipbuilding and shipping
The book of the ship; an exhaustive pictorial and factual survey of world ships,
shipping, and shipbuilding. / by A.C. Hardy, 1949.

Every kind of shipwork : a history of Todd Shipyards Corporation, 1916-1981 / by C.
Bradford Mitchell, 1981.

Frame up! The story of Essex, its shipyards and its people. / by Dana Story, 1964.

Haviside Company Catalog. / Haviside Ship Chandlers Sail Makers Ship
Riggers, 1914.

Historical Transactions, 1893-1943. / Society of Naval Architects and Marine
Engineers, 1945.

The Shipping Business in the United States of America. 2 volumes. / Written
by a Group of Authorities; F.G. Fassett, Editor, 1948.

Stability of ships, engineering in shipbuilding
The stability of ships with special reference to the particulars which should be supplied
by the shipbuilders and the value of mechanical devices for attaining metacentric height. /
by George Johnson, 1932.

Fundamentals of construction and stability of naval ships. / Thomas C. Gillmer, 1969.

Standards in the United States
Final report of a Board of Investigation to inquire into the design and methods
of construction of welded steel merchant vessels 15 July 1946. / Secretary of
the Navy, 1947.

Standards in the United States continued
Rules for building and classing steel vessels. / by the American Bureau of
Shipping. Library has volumes from the period 1942-1982.

Rules for building and classing steel vessels for service on rivers and intracoastal
waterways. / by the American Bureau of Shipping, 1980.

Rules for building and classing steel vessels under 61 meters (200 feet) in
Length. / by the American Bureau of Shipping, 1973.

Rules for the construction of steel ships; British units / det Norske Veritas, 1953.

Memoir on steamboats of the United States of America, printed by the Royal Press, Paris,
1824; translated by Sidney Withington. / M. Marestier, 1957, c1824.

Pacific steamboats. Photos. from the Joe Williamson Marine collection, 1958.

Beneath the surface : submarines built in Seattle and Vancouver, 1909-1918. /
by Bill Lightfoot, 2005.

Forged in war : the naval-industrial complex and American submarine construction,
1940-1961. / by Gary E. Weir, 1993.

Todd Shipyard, see Shipyards, above.

Triunfo de la Cruz (Ship)
El Triunfo de la Cruz, the first ship built in the Californias. / by Theodore Henry Hittell,

Warships, design and construction
The construction and fitting of the English man of war, 1650-1850. / by Peter
Goodwin, 1987.

Naval engineering and American seapower. / editor, Randolph W. King ; associate editor,
Prescott Palmer ; with fifteen contributors, 1989.

Weapons and shipbuilding industry
Guns, sails and empires; technological innovation and the early phases of European
expansion, 1400-1700. / by Carlo M. Cipolla, 1966.

Western Pipe and Steel Company
Steel ships and iron pipe : Western Pipe and Steel Company of California : the
company, the yard, the ships. / by Dean L. Mawdsley, 2002.

Whaling ships, see separate research guide under Shipping.

Wooden ships
The Colonial schooner 1763-1775. / by Harold Hahn, 1981.

The evolution of the wooden ship / Basil Greenhill ; illustrations by Sam
Manning, 1988.

How wooden ships are built : a practical treatise on modern American wooden
ship construction with a supplement on laying off wooden vessels / by H. Cole
Estep, 1984.

Rules for building and classing wood vessels, 1942. / American Bureau of
Shipping, 1942.

Wood: a manual for its use as a shipbuilding material. / U.S. Bureau of Ships, 1957-1962.

Wooden ship : the art, history, and revival of wooden boatbuilding / by Peter H.
Spectre and David Larkin ; principal photography by Paul Rocheleau, chief
contributing photographers Fred Hoogervorst, Benjamin Mendlowitz, Allan
Weitz, 1991.

Yachts, design and construction
Technical yachting, 1971.

Yachting’s book of plans, 1968, c1966.

Yachting under power. / Yachting Publishing Corporation, 1966.


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