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The Library’s collection of books on shipping are only partially represented here.

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Seamanship is defined as “… the art of sailing, maneuvering and preserving a ship or boat in all positions and under all circumstances…” in The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, published by Oxford University Press in 1982. The definition originally came from the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1886.

Historically, the word seamanship was used to delineate the sailor’s skill for ships that were propelled by wind power, skill that was primarily used with ship’s lines, sails, etc. and were aimed at informing the sailor about the array of unique mechanisms and devices that support a ship underway. A ship’s propulsion, steering, and motion overlap with ship building and navigation, topics that are related but published separately for the naval architect and marine engineer.

Book titles shown do not reflect the entire collection: if you do not see what you are looking for, please call the Library at 310-548-7618 x 215.

Reference Works: Handbooks and Manuals
Examination Preparation:
Blue book of questions and answers for second mate, chief mate, master, ocean, coastwise, yachts. / by W. A. MacEwen, 1966.

Questions and answers for deck officers. / by H. Norby, 1944.

Seamanship and nautical knowledge for second mates’, mates’, and masters’ examinations./ by Charles H. Brown, 1938.

Merchant Marine:
Modern seamanship. / By Austin M. Knight, 1937, c1930.

Pipe all hands. / by H.M. Tomlinson, 1937.

Practical seamanship for use in the merchant service: including all ordinary subjects… / by John Todd, 1919.

Heavy weather guide. / by William J. Kotsch and Richard Henderson, 1984.

Heavy weather guide. Part I: Hurricanes. / by Edwin T. Harding. Part II: Typhoons, by William J. Kotsch, 1965.

Navies of the United States and Great Britain
Admiralty manual of seamanship, 1972-.

Manual of seamanship… / by authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, 1919, c1908.

Sail and power; a manual of seamanship for the United States Naval Academy. / by Richard Henderson and Bartlett S. Dunbar, 1967.

Special Training
Oceanography and seamanship. / by William G. Van Dorn, 1974.

Chronicle & directory published by the Pennsylvania Schoolship Association: a chronicle of the Association and Pennsylvania’s Nautical School and training vessels, including a directory of those graduates… as of April 1, 1989.

Manual for the guidance of apprentices on training ships. / by Capt. Eugene E. O’Donnell, 1919.

United States Coast Guard
Basic seamanship and safe boat handling. Based on the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary instruction courses. / by Blair Walliser, 1967, c1962.

Sailing and seamanship. / U.S. Coast Guard Auxilliary, 1988, c1985.

Seamanship and ship handling an extension course in practical navigation and preparation for Merchant Marine Examination of the United States Coast Guard. / By L.E. Delaney and Lorcan F. Crawford

The Annapolis book of seamanship. / by John Rousmaniere, 1989, c1983.

Cruising under sail : incorporating Voyaging under sail / by Eric Hiscock, 1981; 1965

Heavy weather cruising. / Tom Cunliffe, 1988.

Heavy weather sailing. / by K. Adlard Coles.

Offshore cruising encyclopedia. / by Stephen and Linda Dashew, 1989.

Offshore manual international. / edited by Peter Johnson, with Robert Humphreys, Roger Marshall, 1977.

Piloting, seamanship, and small boat handling. / Charles F. Chapman ; with revisions by Elbert S. Maloney … 1951, c1920.

Singlehanded sailing : the experiences and techniques of the lone voyagers. / written and illustrated by Richard Henderson, 1988.

A history of seamanship. / by Douglas Phillips-Birt, 1971.

Seamanship in the age of sail : an account of the shiphandling of the sailing man-of-war, 1600-1860, based on contemporary sources. / by John Harland, 1984.

Ships and seamanship in the ancient world. / by Lionel Casson, 1986.

The boatswain’s manual. / by William A. McLeod, 1945.
The kedge-anchor or young sailor’s assistant. / by William N. Brady, 1970, c1857.

The rule of the road at sea and in inland waters; or steering and sailing rules; collisions and law of the port helm. / by Thornton A. Jenkins, 1869.


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